19 May 2017

Telkom University As the Organizer of Indonesian Tourism Competition 2017

Bandung, Telkom University – Indonesia Tourism Competition is back on stage as a forum to increase the potential, especially for students field of tourism. Competition that has entered the 8th year will be held for three days from 17 to 19 May 2017 spread across several universities in the city of Bandung, including the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FIT), Telkom University.

Other universities that also participated as the organizers of this annual competition include the University of Indonesia Education Department of Tourism Marketing Management, College of Economics and Tourism YAPARI-AKTRIPA Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Management Tata Hidang Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung.

While the categories implemented at Telkom University are Tray on the road, Battle Cooking and Food Display, Dessert Plate, Table Set Up, and Bread Survival. The five categories were followed by participants from various universities including some representatives of FIT students who participated in the competition.

In the category of Battle Cooking, Telkom University won 2nd place represented by Derry Setiadi & Syifa Tuffahati. Category Tray On The Road, Telkom University won 1st place represented by Garry Joseph Widjaja. In the Bread Survival category, Telkom University won 2nd place represented by Marian Marleen. In the Table Set Up category, Telkom University won two championships at the same time represented by Aldilla Pranesty Permadi (1st winner) and Marian Marleen (3rd Winner).

Abdullah Adnan

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