20 May 2015

Telkom University Cooperate with Google

Cooperation between Telkom University and Google resulted the presence of a login system using a Google Apps with SSO that can help the whole Telkom University academic community to login to the services provided by Google Apps such as email, google drive, google calendar and google sites.

Web-based software package known as Google Apps for Education (GAFE) provides Gmail service with a 25GB storage capacity, 5GB drive to work with files, Calendar to schedule, Chat, and many other applications.

SSO implementation initiative led by Firdaus Yanuar as Director of SISFO Telkom University. This program arose after observing students expectation about information technology services which grow rapidly in recent years.

According to Gunawan Pepita, Google Apps Edu Lead “in GAFE provide applications to create text documents, working papers, and presentations by online. Students or lecturer can also upload files from applications commonly used and able to do online editing together with many people at once. Any changes to the file recorded and can be traced easily. These files can even be processed anywhere using a smartphone that available on the market. “

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