08 Dec 2015

Telkom University Counter Corruption with PRIME

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Telkom University as one of private universities concerned with the eradication of corruption in Indonesia, has a number of programs to prevent corruption. One of them by applying local values ??Professionalism, Recognition of Achievement, Integrity, Mutual Respect and Entrepreneurship which is commonly abbreviated to the word PRIME.

“PRIME become the local value on this campus, especially Integrity. It’s very important in the enforcement of anti-corruption as a capital to four other letters. Theoretically, we can also understand that there is a strong correlation between corruptions with disruption of integrity, “said Vice Recto for Academic Affairs and Information Systems Tel-U, Dr Heroe Wijanto ST, MT.

This statement was expressed during the opening seminar and awarding Anti- Corruption Propaganda Competition which took place in the Hall Faculty of Communication and Business, (5/12). The speakers at this seminar were Advisory Board on Corruption Eradication Comission (KPK), Abdullah Hehamahuwa, ITB academician and educational motivator, Prof Dr Ir Ichsan Setya Putra.

Meanwhile, Manager of Learning Development Agency (BPP) Dr. MAJIDAH said the problem of corruption in Indonesia is a crucial problem.  Related to the Corruption Perceptions Index in 2012.2013 and 2014, Indonesia is at 118, 114 and 117 rank out of 174 countries, with a score for the second year amounting to 32.32 and 34. Scores are quoted from ic.transparancy.org on the 2012-2014 year were under 50. “This indicates that the level of corruption in our country has a serious problem,” he said.

Therefore, MAJIDAH said, it wants to foster a culture of anti-corruption at Telkom University campus, one of them by organizing Anti- Corruption Propaganda Competition. This activity is also an embodiment of Higher Education program about the implementation of Anti-Corruption Education in College. The program is character building with student center learning approach. The expectation, the students able to understand and become an activator in society to implement the anti-corruption values ??in everyday life.

According to MAJIDAH, the purpose of Anti- Corruption Propaganda Competition is to raise awareness and a spirit of anti-corruption among students and create “Care to Share” environment to the behavior of anti-corruption spirit in Indonesia. “In addition to encourage a culture of competition and strengthen solidarity on academic community Telkom University as well as making a role model for anti-corruption education attractive for students, “he said.

Anti-Corruption Competition 2015 Propaganda has various activities such as Anticorruption Essay, Poetry, Jingle creation, Short Film, Poster, Script Drama, Comic Writing and Photography. “Total works that are contested as many as 192 works,” he said. (purel / raf)

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