12 Apr 2017

Telkom University Crowned as First Winner at APTIKOM Fest West Java

Bandung, Telkom University – The achievement of Telkom University seems endlessly, four students from School of Information Systems on Monday (10/4) won the competition APTIKOMFest (Association of Higher Education Information and Computer) held at the Computer UNiversity of Indonesia (UNIKOM ) and won first place at the event, which was followed by all universities in West Java.

As the only representative of Telkom University, a team of Alfian Hidayat, Aulia Kurnia Andana Warih, Kelly Kusumandari, and Iskandar Suhaimi able to be the most superior than the closest competitor, such as University of Pasundan (2nd) and UNIKOM (3rd). This achievement became a step for Telkom University in realizing his dream as a world class university based on ICT.

APTIKOMFest itself an annual competition event, on Monday, this competition coincided with the Digital Startup Workshop themed “Digital Printing Startup of Higher Education Information and Computer Indonesia West Java-based culture”. Included on the event various categories: Digital preneur Startup Idea, ranking KDI (Internet Domain Security), Idea Smart City, as well as IT Ka.Prodi Idol. The winners will be included in a larger competition at the National Conference Rakornas or APTIKOM.

On the interview, Alfian revealed that the competition is to increase knowledge and experience. “I hope it can be motivation for other students to participate in the competition in order to create relationships, as well as add to the experience and insight of the competition. Please support us for APTIKOMfest national level because we assigned as representatives of West Java”.

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