04 Oct 2017

Telkom University GALENS Team Crowned as the Champion at Pemnas 3 in Palembang

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Student from School of Industrial Engineering (FRI) Telkom University acquired the achievement in the Business Plan Competition event of National Economy Week of Sriwijaya 3 (Pemnas 3) which took place at Zuri Express Hotel Palembang, which was held since June 2017 opened registration until grand final and announcement of the winner on September 30, 2017.

The theme of “Optimizing MSMEs Development through Kind Child Creativity” was held by the Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Economics Sriwijaya University (BEM FE Unsri) Palembang.

3 students of FRI Telkom University namely Arrivan Dika Santosa Industrial Engineering 2016, Ivander Rizky Suharto Industrial Engineering 2016, and Marcus Galenius L Industrial Engineering 2016 incorporated in GALENS team, succeeded to win the 1st winner with his business-themed work in the field of sales application of new book and secondhand.

“We are preparing this business plan for 3 weeks, besides application of second hand book sales, our application is also aimed to be a forum for writers in order to keep rich and publish their work” said Arrivan on Wednesday (4/10).

From the business plan created by the GALENS team, Arrivan hopes that from this application can help the writers to get inspiration in order to produce a good work.

“From this application we also provide tips and tricks to help writers seek inspiration, and we hope that this business plan is not just as a race event but also can be really done so that it can be useful for many people” he said

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