02 Sep 2015

Telkom University inaugurated 1,109 Graduand

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Telkom University (Tel-U) inaugurated 1,109 graduand with diploma, Bachelor and Master degree. Graduand from 7 faculties and 26 study programs followed the Open Session Senate Tel-U Iii period year 2014/2015, Saturday (15/08/2015). There was 99 people graduated with cum laude predicate.

“Until now the number of Tel-U graduand has reached 30.559 people with prospective career in industry, entrepreneurship and proposed study to higher level,” said Rector Prof. Tel-U Dr. Mochammad Ashari, M. Eng., Ph.D., at the Senate Session Graduation Ceremony which took place at the Telkom University Convention Hall (TUCH).

Besides Indonesia, said Rector, alumni of Tel-U spread over 23 countries, such as USA, Australia, New Zealand, East Timor, China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

On this occasion, Rector also announced the number of achievements by both institutions, students, and teachers in the last four months from March to July 2015. Recorded 163 students who have achieved in 41 regional competitions, national and international levels. “Meanwhile, during the span of April to August recorded 19 lecturers achievement in various forums regionally, nationally and internationally,” he said.

Rector also said that as many as 1,283 Tel-U students have received scholarships. For the fiscal year 2015 and the first half of the month of July 2015 ago, the allocation of scholarships granted to students reached more than Rp 10 billion.

“The number of employees will still increase for one semester to the next in this year. From year to year, the numbers of scholarships granted to students Telkom University is very large for the size of the Colleges with the main sources of funding that do not come from APBN as the State Universities, “he said. (purel / raf / risca)

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