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17 Dec 2020

Telkom University Invented Dentist Protective Equipment

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Corona Virus Disease 19 (COVID-19) is still a scourge for the world community, not a few of the world’s population has lost their lives due to the virus. Until now, the number of cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia has reached 500 thousand with a total cure of 425 thousand people.

Not a few of the number of deaths due to COVID-19 targeting health workers, at least hundreds of health workers have lost their lives while on duty to deal with COVID-19. Quoting from the Instagram of the Indonesian Doctors Association, there were hundreds of doctors ranging from general practitioners to specialist doctors, from this data there were also many dentists who had to die from COVID-19.

The number of cases of dentists contracting COVID-19 is because the dentist is in direct contact with the patient’s mouth to examine his teeth. Responding to this, Telkom University through the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Creative Industry Faculty of Telkom University collaborated to create a Dentist Protective (Dentpro).

According to Lecturer at the Faculty of Creative Industries Telkom University Hardy Adiluhung, this tool is intended for dentists as protective equipment while undergoing the practice, where through this tool doctors will avoid aerosol bursts and droplets, even though PPE equipment is already supported, but it needs additional PPE that is more maximal so that Doctors and patients are better protected from spreading viruses or germs in the doctor’s office.

“This tool itself is equipped with a Vacuum Aerosol & Droplets Machine that uses HEPA Filter Sterilization Bacteria and UV-C Sanitizer. It works through a high suction power vacuum machine, with lines connected to several boxes, Box 1 UV-C Light Sanitizer two. The point, then connected to box 2 UV-C Sanitizer and HEPA Filter as a Bacterial Sterilization Filter in the room. This aerosol and droplet vacuum system is connected directly to the position of the patient’s oral cavity when the doctor checks the oral cavity. ” He explained.

Hardy explained, the tool was built for approximately 4 months, apart from being assisted by several lecturer teams from both FIK and FTE, there were also several student teams involved. And in the process, this tool has been tested at the Telkom University Pratama Clinic to which the dentist responded quite well.

“During the trial, we received good responses from the Pratama Clinic and Telkom Medika, besides that, we also received support from the Dr. Gigi association at Airlangga University, Surabaya, and UNAIR became one of the universities that supported our research.” He explained.

In the future, Hardy hopes that this tool can be used by all dentists in Indonesia, considering that in this pandemic condition, dentists can get more protection through this tool.

“We hope that this innovative product will develop in the future and contribute to the medical world in Indonesia, especially the world of dentistry, as a protection practice during a pandemic, because, like it or not, the examination of oral conditions at dentists must be carried out, to avoid worsening dental conditions. . ” He explained.

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