28 Apr 2014

Telkom University Explores Partnership with Microsoft and Intel

JAKARTA, TEL-U– To keep developing the resources’ capacity, both human resources and the growth of technology, Telkom University is now started to explore a cooperation with two giant companies, Microsoft Indonesia and Intel Indonesia Corporation.

This partnership exploration was done by the Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Ir. Mochamad Ashari,M.Eng., Ph.D accompanied by Rektor III Bidang Admisi & Kantor Internasional (Rector 3rd of Admission & International Office Field) AMA. Suyanto, Ir., MBA, DBA, through visiting those two companies’ offices on Thursday (10/4).
AMA Suyanto said, from that visit, both parties had agreed to have mutual support cooperation.

“This shows us that, Telkom University has been started to be known by the international companies,” he stated.
AMA Suyanto add, Telkom University is now become one of the colleges that got Microsoft’s   attention as the potential college. Therefore, the door of cooperation between two parties is opened widely.

“Even they will involve and create kind of cooperation with the other schools under Sandhykara Putra Educational Foundation (Yayasan Pendidikan Sandhykara Putra / (YSPT)), includes supporting to provide the training for vocational and high school teachers,” he said.

In respond of that visit, Luci Sajat from Education Public Sector Department Team of Microsoft Indonesia, said that her side is ready to follow up the cooperation that Telkom University will start to establish.

“Microsoft’s Education Team is ready to come to Telkom University on the next Tuesday 22nd of April to do a presentation as well as discussing Microsoft’s program for education,” Luci said.

Moreover, Luci stated, in the next meeting at Telkom University, they could discuss the programs for students, such as Partners in Learning and the other programs.

“We really hope that our discussion could be useful. And the cooperation that already going on right now could be improved, for the needs of the civitas of Telkom University,” she stated. (KomPro/raf)

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