13 Nov 2013

Telkom University Took the Third Place in the Kontes Robot Terbang Indonesia

BANDUNG TEL-U- Telkom University   (Tel-U) created achievement again. This time, Tel-U succeeded taking third place in the Kontes Robot Terbang Indonesia (KRTI) 2013 for high school category held at ITB campus in Jatinagor, on Saturday & Sunday (9-10/11/2013). Tel-U Team, Bangau APTRG consisted of Telkom Engineering School (TES) students: Yusfi Florianto, Wandi Wijaya, Listhyani Dhianira, and Muhamad Fadhil Abdullah.

  KRTI was national competition that challenged its participants to design,  create and fly a plane. This competition compelled the participants to gain compromise among plane’s geometric, construction, and electronic system which is integrated to the airplane. Even, TES Tel-U sent two teams to this competition.

  “This KRTI is very challenging.  In this mission, we have to bring payload or contents at the particular coordinate, and drop it,” Yusfi stated. Furthermore,  she said that Quadcoper must fly autonomously and follow the coordinate tract, which has been determined,  then drop its contents.

  The origin of KRTI started from Aerial Robot Contest (IIARC) which constitutes the first Flying robotic contest for indoor category. This contest has been held annually at ITB since 2008 until 2011. It has been admitted by Japan Society of Aeronautics and Space Science (JSASS) and adopted the same rule applied in the University of Tokyo. In this year, the contest was increased becoming national level competition called KRTI. Even, it was supported by ministry of education and culture of Republic Indonesia. Risca/KOMPRO

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