Kris Sujatmoko Telkom UNiversity
09 Nov 2021

Telkom University Lecturer Becomes Visionary Educator 2021

Kris Sujatmoko Telkom UNiversityBANDUNG, Telkom University – Kris Sujatmoko, a lecturer at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Telkom University, won an award as a Visionary Educator 2021. UiPath gave the award on October 26, 2021.

Currently, more than 1,600 educators from 64 countries worldwide have taken the initiative to bring Robotic Process Automation (RPA) knowledge and skills to more than 240,000 students.

Kris Sujatmoko is one of the educators from Indonesia who won the award. This year, there are 12 educators worldwide, and Kris Sujatmoko is the only lecturer from Indonesia to achieve Visionary Educator 2021.

According to Kris, currently, more than 90% of companies in Indonesia from various fields have implemented RPA, where Kris sees this as a challenge for himself as an educator to prepare human resources to enter the industrial world in the future.

“Currently, there are only two choices for jobs in Indonesia and the world, to become an automation maker or become an automation target. This RPA will be included as basic digital literacy. According to McKinsey’s research, 23 million jobs in Indonesia will be automated by 2030. In India, the target is that by 2022, 500,000 students will master RPA. Do not let Indonesia be invaded by foreign workers and robots controlled by other countries. Therefore, we must be able to prepare a generation of Indonesians who are ready for these changes.” Obviously.

Kris, who has been a permanent lecturer at Telkom University since 1999, won the award with an assessment based on the number of students introduced by RPA, where Kris has become a mentor for approximately 1500 participants. After that, participants will go through a series of tests by UiPath, and some students will undergo training to enter the industrial world.

“Currently, there are 45 students who have been directly recruited by the industry, here my focus is to equip Telkom University students to be able to compete in the industrial world with the skills needed in the future.” Obviously.

Still, in the RPA field, Kris Sujatmoko also had the opportunity to serve as a jury in the 2021 ICStar Hackathon competition. This competition utilizes RPA technology trends as the center of the competition topic. RPA can imitate human activities with a level of accuracy and speed that is almost 100%.

In this competition, Kris brought seven students from 15 finalist participants in a bilateral competition of 2 countries (Indonesia and Malaysia).

Kris explained that all participants would be divided from different campuses this year, and Telkom University student Kevin Dwiki Wijaya and members from Bina Nusantara University and Del Institute of Technology came out as first-place winners.

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