16 Apr 2020

Telkom University Makes Automatic Hand Washing Machines for Hospitals and Health Centers

BANDUNG, Telkom University is again innovating in efforts to prevent and spread Covid-19. The family of Electrical Engineering Students (KMTE) together with the Electrical Alumni Association (iAe) made an automatic hand washing device with the help of a microcontroller called the Automatic Hand Washing Machine. This tool has a sensor that is used to read if there is a user’s hand. When the sensor reads the user’s hand movements, the microcontroller will activate the pump to drain the water. Likewise, the sensor is used to detect the hand when the user wants to use soap. The water released can be flowed according to the user’s needs, while the soap used in the tool will come out when the user’s hand is detected by the sensor.

Denny Rinaldi Wicaksana, as the Chair of the KMTE said that this tool was handed over to Hasan Sadikin Hospital which was a referral hospital for patients who were infected by Covid-19 as well as Kujangsari Health Center and Bojongsoang Health Center which had previously donated tools in the form of Disinfectant Chambers.

“The first reason we chose the Kujangsari and Bojongsoang puskesmas was because we thought that the puskesmas was the first option for communities around the Tel-U campus to consult about their health and the first step from us to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic by placing and providing preventive facilities in the form of Automatic Hand Washing Machines and Disinfecting Chambers (for PPE sterilization of medical personnel) at puskesmas around the Tel-U campus, “said Denny

The Telkom University team departed to hand over the tool, led by the Chair of the KMTE along with several KTME administrators and iAe. On this occasion, the Tel-U Team demonstrated how the tool can work well according to the system that was designed and provided an explanation of the SOP on how to use the tool to facilitate users when they want to use the tool and also provided a handbook as a guidebook. This tool was received directly by the Head of each puskesmas and Hasan Sadikin Hospital Assistance Coordinator.

“Our hope is that KMTE can move forward to continue to be able to make a positive breakthrough and have a good impact for many parties. Never get tired of doing good, together we can prevent and break the chain of spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, “said Denny.

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