06 Jun 2017

Telkom University Organized a “Geladi” 2016/2017

Bandung, Telkom University – Creating a specific work experience for students, Telkom University regularly conducts “Geladi” every year which is a well designed exercise for student. The participants of Geladi are Telkom University students who have completed the first year (38 credits) with IP> 2.00 and specially conducted by students from School of Electrical Engineering (FTE).

This Geladi event is held from February – May 2017 to the Presentation of Geladi Event, August 2017. During the Geladi period, Telkom University students will be placed at several well-known companies with wide spread such as PT. Pos Indonesia (23%), BPJS Health (20%), and PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia (57%).

Supervisors who are involved to accommodate 209 Geladi students are range up to 35 people who work on those companies.

The inauguration of this year’s geladi was attended by a number of invited guests including Deputy SGM HCBP Anang Turyandono, SM HC Regional Jakarta Endro Siswanto, SM HC Regional West Java Uum Suryaman, SM HCBP 05 Zainul Mufty.

Previously, this Geladi event was attended by not only FTE but also more extensive faculty ie Industrial Engineering Faculty, Faculty of Informatics, D3 TT, and D3 Informatika. Participants can reach up to 2300 students.

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