03 Oct 2016

Telkom University Provided the Aid to Flood Victims in Garut

Bandung, Tel-U – Telkom University through Human Resources (HR), Logistics department, and BEM KEMA Tel-U provided aid for victims of flood disaster in Garut. The aid was delivered directly to Kodim 06 11 Garut, Wednesday (28/9).

Tel-U HR Manager, Rosyadi Imron said that this aid was the result of fundraising. “The funds raised in contributions and donations from employees of Telkom University,” he said.

There were food aid infants and toddlers, food and soft drinks for children, toiletries and baby clothing, equipment and clothing of adults, cleanliness and environmental hygiene equipment.

Imron hoped that this aid could be helpful, useful, and ease the burden for Garut residents affected by the disaster. “In addition, aid is also to add, embed, and improve the social spirit among employees, because we had been concerned about the disaster,” said Imron. (Purel / EAD)

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