13 Jun 2014

Telkom University Students to Become The Indonesia Representative For Student & Youth Forum

WAKATOBI, TEL-U – Muhamman Erfan Apriyanto, the student of Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering Faculty of the University of Telkom, was a representative in Indonesia Student & Youth Forum that was held in Wakatobi in Southeast Sulawesi, on Wednesday and Thursday (21-23/05). Erfan joined together with 150 other outstanding young people.
Indonesian Student & Youth Forum is an institution that provides space for the Student & Youth forum in Indonesia, especially for aged 15-25 years to participate actively in various programs in accordance with the potential, hobbies, knowledge, skills and ideals. The program rests on the issue of education, health, environment, entrepreneurship, cultural and social. The forum was an effort and real participation in youth development in Indonesia.
This time, Indonesian Student & Youth Forum chose Wakatobi as a place where the regular routine of this event held each year, the opening Ceremony which took place on Wednesday (21/05) in the Port Pangulubelo-Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawes was held i lively with distinctive indigenous rituals of wakatobi, plus the beautiful momentum of the lanterns of peace released in Port Pangulubelo.
Wakatobi Regent Ir. Hugua give a speech to the participants Indonesian Student & Youth Forum “Establishing the building with money easy, but when we provide land for a family to get together, greenery and all components of the biota, it is a rare thing” says Hugua.
In addition, the Indonesian Student & Youth Forum is also working with the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and supported by the Government of Wakatobi.
The series of exciting activities followed by Erfan and hundreds of other young achievers were nicely presented by the Indonesian Student & Youth Forum committee such as: ministerial panel, Meet The CEO, Leaders Panel, Student Group Discussion, Mangrove For Peace and many other positive activities. (Purel / rls / azzah)

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