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19 Nov 2021

Telkom University’s Efforts in Creating a Green Campus

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University (Tel-U) continues to develop a green and sustainable campus. Based on the University of Indonesia Green Metric (UIGM) ranking, Telkom University is ranked 9th in Indonesia and ranked 123rd in the world as a green campus in 2020.

To achieve this goal, Telkom University has undergone a discussion program with the UIGM team with assessors Prof. Gunawan Tjahjono and Dr. Yuni Krina. The 3rd Assessment Meeting, which took place online, Thursday (18/11), was the last meeting and the delivery of the results of discussions related to green campuses.

According to Prof. Gunawan Tjahjono, although this is the last meeting in this program, the friendship between Telkom University and UIGM will continue, and other collaborations will continue.

“We give appreciation to Telkom University for having excellent leadership. It is shown through Tel-U’s commitment to creating sustainability in the campus environment.” Obviously.

More Dr. Yuni said that several notes were given from the results of the UIGM team meeting with Telkom University, among others, that Telkom University had strength at least in the Settings & Infrastructure, energy, and climate change and transportation categories.

“In our opinion, this category is excellent, because from what we see currently Telkom University is routinely planting trees and reforesting land, and we believe that in the future Telkom University can become a new “lung” for its surroundings.” Obviously.

Vice-Rector for Resources, Andijoko Tjahjono, expressed his gratitude to the UIGM team for helping Tel-U realize green and beautiful sustainable campus.

“Our goal is not only to provide benefits in the world of academic education, but we also want to be useful for the surrounding community, one of which is by providing a beautiful environment around the campus, so that the wider community can enjoy it.”

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