15 Feb 2016

Ten Study Programs Awarded from Rector

GARUT, TEL-U – Ten Study Program (Prodi), the two divisions and one unit won received award from Rector of Telkom University (Tel-U) for the achievements they have accomplished. The award was handed by Rector, Prof. Ir Ashari Mochamad MEng, PhD in the middle of managements meeting held in Garut, on Tuesday (9/2).

The tenth Prodi such as S2 Program Mechanical Informatics as Best Program for Evaluation Lecturer Percentage Lecturer by 2015 students. This prodi managed to reach a percentage of 80.4 percent.

The next Prodi was S1 ??Industrial Engineering as a Best Study Program for Performance on Most Number of Textbook Writing on 2015. This study program received the award because it has managed to write a textbook as much as 10 books. Written works was also achieved by Prodi S1 ??Computer Science as Best Study Program for Performance on Most Scopus Publications 2015 as many as 55 publications.

Awards were also given to Prodi which received A Accreditation such as S1 Industrial Engineering and S1 ??Telecommunication Engineering (2014), D3 Informatics Engineering, D3 Computerized Accounting, D3 Computer Engineering, and D3 Information Management (2015). While D3 informatics study program declared as best study program for the percentage of On Time Graduation 2015 with the passing score was 77 percent.

Besides Study program, there are two divisions which also received award such as the Quality Assurance Division and the Internal Audit Division defined as Best Division for ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System.

Then the winning unit was National Admission. The unit created achievements on achieving the high number of enrolling students in Tel-U last year. (Purel / raf)

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