16 Nov 2018

Tens of Students will conduct Internship Program in Telkom DDS

Bandung – PPDU (basic and general lectures) Telkom University in collaboration with DDS (Telkom Digital Service Intership) created an internship program for Telkom University Students. A total of 97 Telkom University students attended the seminar held by DDS.

According to Academic Director of Telkom University in Tokong Nanas building Thursday (11/15), Dr. Arfianto Fahmi revealed that this one-year internship program aimed to provide work experience for Telkom University students. This collaboration is expected to be able to meet the needs of industry in Indonesia.

“Telkom University students who have interned at DDS (Telkom Digital Service Intership), do not need to worry because they can still interact with campus through e-learning. In addition, students are expected to be active during the program (Internship) in Telkom Digital Internship Service, “he said.

Every year Telkom University produces no fewer than 3000 graduates. Various steps have been taken so that the graduates are able to have competence in their fields and in accordance with industry needs. One of them is an internship program held by DDS (Telkom Digital Service Intership). This internship program is striven to be a superior program at Telkom University.

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