14 Jun 2021

The Closing Ceremony of ICC 2021 and International Webinar

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University through the International Class Academic Office (ICAO) organized the International Creativity Competition 2021 and International Webinar entitled ‘Creativity Without Limits’. This competition is held for diploma and undergraduate students of all majors around the world. There are two categories in this competition, News Casting, and Photography.

The Closing Ceremony of this event was held online through the ZOOM Meeting and broadcast live on the Telkom University Youtube Channel on Friday (11/06) by holding an International Webinar. Carrying the theme ‘Art in Photography’ this International Webinar presented speakers, namely Dr. Mohd Asyiek bin Mat Desa as Lecturer at the School of the Arts Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

Dr. Mohd Asyiek explained about art direction, which is an important tool in any visual communication project. Art Direction is the way we build a certain aesthetic for a purpose.

“Art Direction is about bringing content to a group of people by creating a communication-based experience,” he explains.

Several steps can be taken in doing photography. First, understand your idea. Spend some time learning the concept, dive deep, and get into it. Understand the original story, message, and specific idea. Second, Plan your shoot. Find the best places and times to shoot, equipment, and shooting possibilities to give good results. Third, look for inspiration. Pinterest, Behance, and other social media platforms are great sites to gather inspiration for new creatives. This inspiration can encourage creativity by taking it a step further than examples for consumption on the web. Fourth, Perfect location; Try to get every hidden gem around us. Fifth, perfect model; Based on research, identification of aesthetics in a model. Sixth, know your lighting. Photographing people, food, or objects all look better in good light. At sunrise and sunset, the light produced will be warm and beautiful on the subject. Direct lighting can be harsh and create shadows and uneven lighting. For indoor shooting, be sure to prepare additional lights to produce good-quality photos. Seventh, make the photo related. The goal is to capture candid shots, everything has to look organic. Associate the subject with the intended theme.

Dr. Mohd Asyiek also said that aesthetics is one of the big things in photography. The thing that needs to be considered in aesthetics in photography is the quality of pictures and good photos. In addition, imperfect photos will look more beautiful because they seem natural.

“The philosophy of aesthetics and beauty in photography is that everything we create and design uses humans as the supreme judge of beauty. When we think of grooming design, fashion, objects, vases, architecture, we are modeling our ideal beauty after the human body.”

Talking about image quality, we mean to talk about aesthetics. Everyone’s aesthetic choice is different. But try to occupy an environment, or design an environment that suits your aesthetic taste.

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