30 Nov 2015

The Creation of DKV FIK Student Selected to Festival of Tolerance

BANDUNG, TEL-U – A Sobi Mutohari, students Faculty of Creative Industries Telkom University (FIK Tel-U), participated voicing social issues regarding the importance of tolerance in maintaining relations between communities. The participation of him go on display at Festival of Tolerance: Indonesia Home for Everyone 2015 which started on 23 October to 16 November 2015.

This event organized by several organizations such as the Indonesian Forum for Environment (WALHI) West Java, Legal Aid Institute (LBH) Bandung, Fair Organization, Spatial, Network for Inter-religious (JAKATARUB), Home Star, and the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) Bandung ,

Held in three different places (Rumawat Bale Padjadjaran University, Faculty of Law UNPAR and Spatial Non-Profit Space), this event is part of series event to the International Tolerance Day which is celebrated on 16 November.

Sobi produced a serial work consisting of three images with the title “HUG”. This work provided an illustration of the meaning of ‘arms’ within the scope of Unity in Diversity. This simple painting was very contrast to the fact that he received, that West Java Province ranked first in terms of inter-religious intolerance.

“I’m very glad because my work is chosen for this event,” said the student of Visual Communication Design (DKV) 2012. Moreover, what made Sobi pleased that this exhibition material will be auctioned and the proceeded will be donated to the victims of Singkil.

According to Sobi, pleasure it was hindered by the constraints experienced. Sobi which made the work in two forms, namely manual form (painting) and digital form. He got confused because three days before the due date, the digital file is damaged or crashed that could not be opened.

“I was confused choose to remain or go back because there is a desire to create works in digital form again, but due to limited time and are already approaching the due date, finally keep up with collecting the same work in the form of a manual,” he said. (purel / BRR)

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