08 Apr 2015

The Heaven Chase Game Win 2nd Position at Games and Apps IslamICT Fair

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Recently, Telkom University student obtain an achievement again. The Heaven Chase Game, thrive the second position in the Islam ICT Fair Competition “Mobile technology for modern and excellence of Islam” which held on March 21, 2015 at the Center for Japanese Studies, University of Indonesia.
“Thank God, we won 2nd place, and we procured 2 million, certificates and certainly valuable experience,” said the student of Informatics, Maulana Muhammad Ramadan, Monday (03/30/2015). He and the team feels proud to be awarded in a competition organized by the Forum Ukhuwah dan Kajian Islam (FUKI) Fasilkom UI.
In this team, accompanied by Mochamad Chaerurrezky Maulana Iqbal and Muhammad Hilmy An Nabhany. All from the course of Informatics, Faculty of Informatics (FIF). They successfully become a champion in the category of games and apps. In addition, they also win other category in Islam ICT Fair such as the category of design, and video.
“The competition was participated by students S1 and D3 from various universities in Indonesia. In this competition, we created and developed the game with the theme of ‘mobile technology for modern and excellence of Islam’. The competition has been started since 11 January, then qualified for the final in March, “said Maulana.
Because the theme of Islam, this competition has different challenges from other competitions. Where the team must select and sort out which islamic elements that can be hooked up in the game.
“We chose very carefully. Because we did not want any controversy or anything like that. In addition, another challenge was to choose the form of the game. Somewhat difficult because the game with Islamic Genre religion is very rare, “said Maulana.
Maulana explained, Heaven Chase game has the concept of representation of the real world with endless run genre. That is, the fight against the passions will continue to run until the end of life. Heaven Chase game challenge the players to avoid lust until the game over.
“The effect that we use was quite good quality as used in the 2D games platformer with a retro aura. As for the sound we used sound in freesound.org assets, “said Maulana.
The next plan, Maulana and the team will add new features such as special-effects effects, additional animation and resolve bugs. “We would try to release Heaven Chase in Playstore,” added Maulana.(purel/risca)

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