18 May 2016

The Universe’s Window for Kampung Cihurip’s Children

BANDUNG, TEL-U – The sun almost down when Tel-U team came over to Kampung Cihurip Cempakasari Bojonggambir, Tasikmalaya District, West Java. However, some residents and children still stayed in SDN Kahuripan. Good news spread that on Friday (13/5), their village will have guests from Bandung who want to share their knowledge. Yes, knowledge. For remote area with limited transportation access like Cihurip, knowledge become a luxury thing which is difficult to have.

Just before the Maghrib adzan reverb, the small entourage finally arrived. They are a team of Telkom University (Tel-U), which consists of the Library administrators, some lecturers, and the educational volunteers from Cakrawala Baca (The Horizon Read, red). Streaks fatigue was clearly seen on their faces. Understandably, to reach Cihurip Village, the group had traveled more than six hours with very difficult terrain. However, tiredness vanished when they saw the enthusiasm of residents upon their arrival.

On this place Tel-U team organized a community service activities (abdimas) in the improvement of warehouse space to function as a school library, which began on early May. Abdimas top event lasted for two days, punctuated with a book donation activities, storytelling, as well as play and learn together. Children are also invited to write down his goals on a backdrop on the library’s wall, so that it becomes together promises to keep it for the future.

According to the principal of SDN Kahuripan, Teti Rosnawangsih (53), this kind of supports are needed by children and residents of Cihurip to support teaching and learning process, as well as to widely open children’s mind. It is because the Cihurip residents are difficult to access the knowledge source, due to the remote location.

“Before this program, we only provide textbooks to children. Another books such as picture books, we do not have. The book collection also we display in the staff room because of limited space so that children did not want to access the book, “she said.

By refunctioning the warehouse space into a library, children become more freely to read books. Additionally, room measuring 8×6 meters was also now functioned as a children’s playground during recess.

Aprian (7), student of SDN Kahuripan said he was happy with the space of the library. He promised to keep the book collection that is not lost and damaged. Even Arum (5) little girls who have not registered as student of SDN Kahuripan yet, join the disciples picked up and leafed the book. She just smiled and nodded when asked whether she like the pictures or not.

Head Library of Tel-U, Nurul Fitria admitted that she was touched by a very enthusiastic welcome from people of Cihurip and students of SDN Kahuripan. According to her, sharing knowledge with residents on this area reminded us that the work of educating the nation is still far from completion.

“It needs the cooperation from various elements to realize the Smart Indonesia. (Therefore) today we are not coming alone but in collaboration with lecturers, community service institution, community education, as well as donors such as the Asia Foundation and book publishers, “she said.

Nurul refer to these activities as “ripple” smaller than a large wave of global literacy efforts. However, she hoped Tel-U can consistently organized this positive activity, so that more kids like Aprian and Arum can also enjoy the new knowledge even though they were in remote areas. (Purel / lib)

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