Thousand Trees for Tel-U

BANDUNG, TEL – U – Academic Community of Telkom University (Tel-U) continue to develop efforts to create a green campus environment and comfortably fit the concept of a green campus which is already planned. A number of methods are used, for example prohibiting freshmen bring a motor vehicle.

Only that? Certainly not. Other measures such as the greening of the campus with a tree planting program as do students from School of Economics and Business (FEB) and the School of Communication and Business (FB). Through the Go Green Partnership Program 2, students from those schools have planted 1,000 trees, on Saturday (14/11).

As perceived by the citizens of Tel-U campus, an area of ??approximately 48 hectares of this new part of it which was overgrown with shady trees. As for other regions, especially the North region like FEB and FKB, still feels barren because not shaded by leafy trees.

According to Deputy Dean FKB Ir. Syarifuddin, MM, there must be real action from the idea to make the environment Tel-U is more convenient and greener. Planting trees in the region, would be one answer.

“Go Green Partnership Program 2 is done to support the concept of a green campus that we are trying,” said Syarifuddin. To further facilitate implementation, the dean cooperation with BEM FEB.

A thousand tree seedlings were planted by the participants and volunteers around the park grounds flag FKB car park and along the driveway motor from the security post FEB campus entrance and FKB.

Community Services Minister BEM FEB Vini, hoping students involved in these activities will be more attention to greening their campuses. “Let’s start greening our campus,” he said.

Through this program, added Vini, expected no change in the behavior of an academic community that can be more concerned with the preservation of the campus environment. “Then the campus will create a healthy, clean and beautiful,” he said. (purel / azzah)

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