Thousands of Telkom University Students Get Vaccination

06 21 vaksin mahasiswa

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University with the West Java Regional Police and Alumni of the Faculty of Medicine UNPAD ’84, have implemented the first dose of Sinovac vaccination program for Telkom University students.

The implementation of this vaccine program took place on Monday (21/6) at the Manterawu Building, Telkom University. A total of 2,300 Telkom University students are registered to take part in this vaccination program.

According to the Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya, the number of students is still 5% of the total Tel-U students approximately 30 thousand students.

“Because of the number of our students who are spread throughout Indonesia, at this time we have only implemented it for students who are domiciled in West Java, and even then, only 13% of our 12 thousand students live in West Java.”

Prof. Adiwijaya added, to continue this program, Tel-U will continue to coordinate with Polda in other areas to jointly hold a vaccination program for Tel-U students in other areas.

The implementation of the vaccination program for Telkom University students is a form of Tel-U’s support to the government in the success of the vaccination program in Indonesia, and growing herd immunity among students.

“In addition, we are also preparing Face-to-face Learning (PTM) in the next semester, where the face-to-face learning scheme is carried out in a hybrid manner by prioritizing students who have been vaccinated,” he explained.

Prof. Adiwijaya hopes that the implementation of this vaccination program can reduce the spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia.

“We both hope that through this vaccination herd immunity can be formed in the community so that we can restore learning conditions on campus, and restore the economy in Indonesia.” Obviously.

According to Telkom University Director of Student Affairs Desy Dwi Nurhandayani, S.T., MM., until the vaccination process is complete, 1,538 Telkom University students have passed the screening and have undergone vaccination.

“From the total number of registered students and during the screening process, finally 1,538 Tel-U students were vaccinated, some had to be delayed, but in the future, we will undergo further vaccinations for students who have not been vaccinated.” Obviously.

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