16 Oct 2015

Through Malayan Deli Songket modification, FIK students triumphant in IIIFP

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Malayan Deli Songket is one of the cultural wealth of the archipelago in the textile field. In the hands of Ella Trimurti, Malayan Deli Songket designed into Moslem pretty exotic. Student of Fashion and Textile study program class of 2013 highlight Gold and Purple in order to impress his graceful and dynamic. Her design captured he judge’s attention and made 1st place at the Indonesia International Islamic Fashion & Products 2015 in Creation Design of Malayan Deli Songket Category.
“On this competition I was challenged to transform into a more innovative songket. I combine purple with woven songket fermentation tricula golden yellow silk, “said Ella, Friday (2/10).
Ella revealed, Gold and Purple inspired by the style of Muslim women in China. So the mix of cultures of the archipelago and China with the impression of strong ethnic diversity in her work. Only with single technique, she can make six different styles in its design. There are 10 finalists compete in the final night IIIFP last September in the Jakarta Convention Hall. However, of the 10 finalists was only Ella who can manipulate Malayan Deli Songket into innovative designs. Excellence that is owned by Ella so that she became a champion in the IIIFP event.
“The challenge, I have to rack my brain to modify one sheet of fabric into works are manifold,” said Ella. But for him, the designer must be innovative in making and integrating the work.
“A designer is required to be a trendsetter, so it should be innovative in their work,” said Ella. – (Purel / risca)

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