03 Jul 2017

Tjahjono Djatmiko Achieves Doctoral Degree with Interactivity Study in Establishing the Brand Trust

Bandung – Lecturer from School of Economics and Business, Dr. Ir Tjahjono Djatmiko MBA successfully acquired a doctorate in Marketing Management at the School of Undergraduate Program, Management Science from Indonesia University of Education on Wednesday (14/6/17). Tjahjono holds a doctorate with a dissertation entitled “Analysis of Simplicity and Interactivity in Establishing the Brand Trust”.

According to him, this research aims to see the impact of simplicity and interactivity to brand trust and loyalty from cellular customers. “In order for people to understand what they want and be able to communicate it to mobile operators. So there is a simple two-way interaction (directly conveyed “said Tjahjono.

With this dissertation, Tjahjono hopes that cellular operators, especially in Indonesia, can care more about customers’ desires, which will indirectly affect trust, brand loyalty and operator revenue in the future.

“Following the wishes of customers, of course there are benefits. Customers are more trustworthy, loyal, and certainly revenue (operator) can increase. I think with this my dissertation, can trigger it “please Tjahjono.

Telkom University as a world-class university constantly motivates lecturers to achieve the highest education. This is in line with Tjahjono’s expectations at the end of the interview session, he hopes that Telkom (University) will continue to facilitate young lecturers for further study.

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