16 Dec 2013

Tompi Succeeded to Blow (‘Gebrak’) Electrafest 2013

BANDUNG TEL-U- Audiences’ boisterous at GSG – TES Telkom University was amazing calling the name of jazz singer, Tompi, the top Indonesian Singer. They could not be patient to see Tompi’s performance on the stage of Electrafest 2013. Boisterous of fusion drum was started. Saxophone intro made the spectators more hysterical.   Later on, Tompi step up the stage and blow the Electrafest audiences by bringing one song, “Sedari Dulu”. One song faded away, Tompi directly greet the audiences and told his memory when following the test of entering college.

  “When I graduated from SMA and followed the tests of college in Bandung, one of the tests that I followed at that time, in 1997, was STT Telkom  (now TES-Telkom University-red), and I was accepted in Electrical Engineering Program,”  stated the jazz singer, who works  as doctor of face lifting.

  Some of his best songs were presented by Tompi such as “Demi Cinta”,  “Selalu Denganmu”, “Aku Jatuh Cinta”, “Bukan Pacarmu” ,”Tak Pernah Setengah Hati“,  “Menghujam jantungku “, “Lulu dan Siti” etc.

  Electrafest or Electrical Art Festival was held by Himatel, Faculty of Electro and Communication of Telkom University (Tel-U), on Saturday night (14/12/2013). Electrafest   was closing party  of a set  Himatel’s program that was “Is Yours (HIY)”. This year’s Electrafest raised the theme of “Final Raising of Prestigious Fusion”.    Besides Tompi, Electrafest  also presented Cromantic’s performance, Jave and Coffee Reggae Stone. Then, Electrafest held Awarding Night, Food and Bazaar, and Charity Night to collect fund for caring children with cancer. – KOMPRO TEL-U/Risca

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