02 May 2020

TUK School of Economic and Business Telkom University Held a National Seminar of ISO-Based Risk Management Certification

BANDUNG, Telkom University – TUK School of Economic and Business Telkom University organized a National Seminar of ISO-Based Risk Management Certification on Saturday (2/5), attended by 646 participants consisting of 33% internal parties and 67% external parties of Telkom University. The seminar was held through the Zoom application and broadcast live on Telkom University’s Youtube Channel.

This seminar also launched a charity program for those affected by Covid-19.

This seminar was officially opened by the Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya. Entitled “Economic Turbulence: Managing Organizational Risk Due to Covid-19”, this seminar invites some experts namely Dr. Dadan Rahadian as Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Telkom University and Yusuf Munawar, S.E., M.E., ERMCP, CCGO, QRMP as Chairperson of LSP Mitra Kalyana Sejahtera.

Dr. Dadan Rahadian explained that the Covid-19 Pandemic was a good global disaster momentum for us to understand the risk. Unfortunately, the risk depends on the experience of everyone who handles it. This means that the more someone understands a risk, the easier to find a solution on how to minimize risk.

“When talking about dealing with Covid-19, I think the country all over the world has not enough specific experience in handling it. The impact of the crisis itself can reduce economic activity by 2%, “he said.

Dr. Dadan also added that a risk manager must be able to see risks with long-term impacts. Although this percentage is a hypothesis, this can be an indicator for us and the government to recover immediately.

Then in the seminar, Yusuf Munawar explained that a leadership role is needed in carrying out risk management. A leader must have the competence to read situations and conditions because this risk is an anticipation of something that has not yet happened.

“There is a similar view in almost all companies towards this risk management because most people hear that risk seems negative or there is a rejection. Here the role of the leadership is to change the negative view of risk management, “he said.

Yusuf Munawar also added that in the current situation, every company requires a work from home system. However, the WFH system can also create a disobedient culture, such as employees who lose their integrity and commitment because of indirect control.

Through this seminar, it is expected to be able to share information on the latest conditions and engage the communication between the ISO-based Risk Management Community, especially the holders of ISO certification.

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