13 Apr 2017

Turned Hobby into Bussiness,Three Telkom University Alumni Sharing the experience

Bandung, Telkom University – Nowadays,the technology is widely used by people, not only as a medium for finding information but also as creativity space in oder to expand their bussiness. This was revealed by the Manager of Management Cooperation Students & Alumni, Dr. Sonni Sadono, S. Sos., MT. on his speech at the entrepreneurial seminar entitled “Hobby-Based Business” was held on Thursday (4/13) at the Multimedia Room, 2 nd Floor, Bangkit Building Telkom University.

“Thanks to my students who are coming today. I think all of us who attend this meeting have the planing for the more advanced. Need a creative act especially in the use of technology for successful future “Sonni said.

The event was attended by students from all faculties at Telkom University aimed to instill the entrepreneurial spirit to students after graduating from university. So that the committee presented three speakers from Telkom University Alumnus who is now become a successful entrepreneur. They are the owners Kaos Center Bandung, Bheben Oscar, the owner of the King of the Sheep, Helma Agustiawan, and the owner of PT. Kadira Katara Putra, Nyanyu Miranti Suria Kusuma.

The speakers recount their experiences in front of the students, such as Bheben who explained that employ many people means many are praying for success. “The more I employ people, the more that we pray for success. Business has become my hobby. But the hobby is not enough, need to be balanced with knowledge of the business.” Said Bheben.

Agree with what is disclosed Bheben, Helma more emphasis on a strong passion in business while Helma successful exporting sheep to overseas said that do business on something that you are good at.

Abdullah Adnan

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