16 Dec 2015

Two DKV Students Achieved Third Position at Bandung Visualthon 2015

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Shani Nur Muhammad and Ryan Winaryo students from Design Visual Communication Study Program Faculty of Creative Industries Telkom University (DKV FIT Tel-U) class of 2012 became the champion of info graphic creation competition for data public service entitled “Bandung Visualthon 2015” organized by ITB, Thursday (26/11).

The competition was followed by 160 students of 80 teams which came from various cities in Indonesia such as Bandung, Jakarta and Yogyakarta. For 12 hours they competed in ITB East Hall. “Bandung Visualthon 2015” challenged the participants to make infographics based on material data sources Government of Bandung. “The goal is to make the data allure the public and easily to read and understand,” said Shani Nur Muhammad.

According to Shani they were given 12 hours to create the design on the spot. The time divided into 3 parts, for concept, sketches, and brainstorming. “Then the rest time was for design execution, “he said. A day before, all participants were given briefing materials and process on how to make infographics by Creative Editor of Tempo Media.

“We got the tourism theme of thousands issues that could be raised. We chose tourism as the topic considering that this topic more flexible being”, he said.

After that, added Shani, they think of a good design hierarchy, segmentation of infographics intended to whom and how the visual styling and the right color to be visualized. “We segmented to foreign tourist who come to Bandung, with a range of 20-45 years old both male and female gender,” he said.

After 12 hours competition, the judges then determined the 20 finalists. Of the 20 finalists, the judges chose the first prize, second, and third, then announced on December 5, 2015 in the Hall of Bandung.

Infographic poster with the title “Top Tourism Destination in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia”, DKV Tel-U team won third place. The picture in the form of highway with tourist sites, complete with data such as the most visited places, the number of tourists per year, and a brief description of the favorite tourist locations. While the 1st and 2nd achieved by the National Institute of Technology (Itenas) Bandung and Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ).

“With a different atmosphere and a very limited time, we spur the time management in info graphic design execution. It has become the unexpected achievement considering the existing competitors as well as intense competition, “he said. (purel / izal)

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