10 Mar 2016

Two FIT Teams Crowned as 1st and 2nd at ARToolKit Emerging AR Developers’ Contest

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Two of 16 teams from School of Applied Sciences Telkom University (FIT Tel-U) successfully won 1st and 2nd at “ARToolKit Emerging AR Developers’ Contest” on category “Application for any platform built using ARToolKit for Unity”.

International championships organized by DAQRI took place on September – November 2015 and with participants aged 16-24 years. They fought from around the world through online media (in the network) started from registration, submission, until the announcement of the winner.

The purpose of this event is to stimulate the young generation interest to Augmented Reality (AR) and encourage the use of SDK open source and free from ARToolKit to build fun, useful and innovative Augmented Reality applications.

Fat’hah Noor Prawita, ST, MT as the supervisor explained that 16 teams from D3 Informatics Engineering Tel-U sent their work as a joint task of three courses such as Multimedia Technology, Engineering Visualization and Project Management in the first semester of 2015 / 2016. “Alhamdulillah 2 of 16 teams crowned as champion, there are ExFlore team and tulAR team” Fat’hah said, Thursday (8/3).

ExFlore team consisted of Adi Satria Pangestu, Syifa Ariandini, Desca Setyadzikri created AR applications with Indonesian folklore story background entitled “Perselisihan Musang dan Ayam”, so that the story of the area can be enjoyed with a creative and latest technology.

While the tulAR team member Andre Zefaldi, Ari Yanto, Ade Iriani Sapitri created an interactive learning applications on the composition of the human skeleton for elementary school students to make users feel delighted to learn about the topic.

According to Fat’hah, every year, a graduate student in D3 Informatics Engineering program are required to attend at least 1 international competition that have been determined to be able to encourage self-confidence and improve the competitiveness of its students as basic skill to compete in the real world.

“This concept will continue to do and develop in the coming years by targeting other international competitions in line with the lecture material” she said. (Purel / AW)

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