10 Dec 2015

Two Students of Tel-U Became a Champion in English Speaking Competition 2015

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Telkom University Student auspiciously became a winner in English Speech Contest. Moreover, two students from Tel-U won two top positions in the English Speaking Competition (ESC) 2015. They are Ranna Artha Jayanti of MBTI International Studies Program, who won 1st place and Michelle Christine students of Telecommunication Engineering Program who won 2nd place.

Entitled “The Art of Ideas”, a competition was organized by English Speaking Association of Indonesian Education University (UPI) in Auditorium Geugut Winda UPI.

The competition was divided into two rounds. The first round was a preliminary round followed by 28 participants. In this round the participants were required to choose one topic from three topics provided by the committee. Both Ranna and Michelle, they choose the topic of “Mental Illness as a mitigating Factor In Court”.

Rana explained, this topic discussed about an appropriate punishment for offenders who have mental retardation. The topic did not focus on the characteristics of people who have mental retardation. “I discussed the topic of how well the perpetrators access justice in the courts,” she said.

In contrast to Rana, in this topic Michelle discuss topics ranging from the legal basis. Michelle explained that she discussed the first of prosecutions obtained by the offenders and then discussed mental retardation itself. “And I think things like that could be more value to the jury,” said Michelle.

The second round would be the final round. Of the 28 participants, drawn 5 best participants to compete in the final round. On the final round, participants were given the topic “As the United Kingdom Should Opt Out From Aligning to China’s burgeoning Trade Agreement to Secure Political Sovereignity”. Participants were given only 15 minutes to prepare the materials to be used before presenting in front of the jury.

According to Ranna, the topics raised in this competition was much more serious than other competitions. Most of chosen topics more into classical topics that tend to be philosophical. “Not many speech competition that discuss sensitive matters like this,” she said.

Ranna said that both she and Michelle was a member of Student English Community (SES) Telkom University. She hoped that the SES Tel-U can be accomplished more achievement. “I want them to know that in SES Community, the english speaking ability was not only used for competition, but also can support the process of lectures for its members,” said Ranna. (Purel / EAD)

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