22 Oct 2021

Two Tel-U Teams Crowned as Champion in the 2021 Indonesian Robot Contest (National)

Bandung, Telkom University – The Telkom University student team won two Bronze medals at the national level Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) 2021 on 12-17 October 2021 in a hybrid manner at Gadjah Mada University (UGM). The two teams competed in two competition categories, the Indonesian Search and Rescue Robot Contest (KRSRI) and the Indonesian Thematic Robot Contest (KRTMI).

According to the Coordinator of the Tel-U Robotics Team, also a student of the School of Electrical Engineering, Felix, revealed that the achievement cannot be separated from the preparations of his colleagues long before the competition took place.

“We emphasize to each team to have high intention, determination, and willingness to be able to create robots that comply with existing regulations and missions. The preparations were also carried out in advance so that there was no rush and each team did not give up on always doing research that could improve the performance of the robot. The progress of each team is also always monitored. As result,  it is completed on time and in line with the targets that have been made, “said Felix.

The first team, Arjuna Team, competed in the KRSRI category, created a SAR (Search & Rescue) robot whose purpose was to evacuate victims when a natural disaster or fire occurred in an area. This robot will run autonomously (without crew) to search for sources of fire to be extinguished in a maze-shaped area.

After the fire is extinguished, victims near the source of the fire will be immediately evacuated to a safe place. The main assessment in this category is the speed of time in neutralizing disasters and evacuating victims.

The second team, the Titanium Team, competed in the KRTMI category. This thematic contest changes every year. Especially this year, KRTMI plays a traditional game, namely Dam-daman. This contest is implemented by adopting Digital-Twin technology which presents a more virtual system-based design process.

This game will be played by two teams who move their respective robots on a physical field to move coins on a digital field using the virtual digital-twin technology earlier. The main assessment is to be a winner in the Dam-daman match itself.

“Institutional support is very influential on the team’s steps to become champions. This support is evidenced by the presence of supervisory lecturers who faithfully accompany the team to compete. In addition, support in the form of funding to meet the needs of the competition is also provided so that we can create robots with good performance.” Felix.

For information, KRI 2021 has been held since September 22, 2021, for region I and II levels. The participants who pass will take part in the national level competition which is currently still taking place from 17-22 October 2021.

At KRI 2021, there are 6 categories to be contested, namely: Indonesian ABU Robot Contest (KRAI); Indonesian SAR Robot Contest (KRSRI); Indonesian Football Robot Contest (KRSBI) Wheeled; Indonesian Football Robot Contest (KRSBI) Humanoid; Indonesian Dance Robot Contest (KRSTI); Indonesian Thematic Robot Contest (KRTMI).

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