26 Feb 2021

UICM Makes Online Visits to Telkom University

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Universitas Insan Cendekia Mandiri (UICM) Bandung, conducted a comparative study to Telkom University (Tel-U) via online through Zoom, On Friday (26/2).

The agenda for this visit was the implementation of the Distance Education (PJJ) program which took place at Telkom University.

It should be noted, Telkom University has seven faculties in it, of which there are 35 study programs (Prodi), and of the 35 study programs there are 2 study programs which are carried out remotely, including the Masters in Management and S1 Informatics programs.

Vice-Rector I for Academic Affairs at Telkom University, Dr. Dadan Rahadian, when welcoming the UICM group, said that the PJJ program is different from regular learning, where the PJJ program allows students to take courses outside the campus.

“So if students join the PJJ program, they able to take courses from other campuses and these are also in line with the independent learning program from the Ministry of Education.” He explained.

Dadan said that 3 main things must be considered in implementing PJJ, including the need to pay attention to the content, the second is platform and the last is the distance learning center.

“Of the three things we have to finish, hopefully through this comparative study, we can learn together continuing to improve the PJJ program, so that as an educational institution we can jointly advance education in Indonesia.” He said.

On this virtual visit, the UICM group led by UICM Vice Rector I Dr. Asep Najmudin expressed his gratitude for the welcome given by Telkom University, and hopefully, this visit can strengthen the relationship between Tel-U and UICM.

“We hope that Telkom University can share a lot of knowledge, especially in the program, PJJ, because we know how Tel-U grows into a global university, hopefully, this PJJ program can foster cooperation in other programs.” He said.

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