28 Feb 2019

Taekwondo Student Activity Unit Telkom University Achieved a Number of Champions

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Taekwondo Student Activity Unit (UKM) Telkom University again carved gold ink in ITN (Taekwondo Nusantara Institute) Open III 2019 event held at Padjajaran GOR Bandung, February 22-24, 2019.

The tournament which was attended by thousands of participants ranging from children to adults is a routine competition held in West Java since 2017 to produce qualified taekwondo athletes in West Java.

A total of 15 Taekwondo athletes from Telkom University participated in this championship in poomse and kyrugi categories which are divided into beginner and achievement categories. Here are Telkom University taekwondo athletes who have succeeded in getting achievements in 2019 ITN Open III event:

Gold medal

– Farhan Jihad Arrida (Kyorugi Achievement) (S1 Electrical Engineering)

– I Gusti Agung Katon Rai (Kyorugi Beginner) (S1 Electrical Engineering)

– Faqih Alam (Kyorugi Beginner) (S1 Electrical Engineering)

– Ravika Oktaviani (Kyorugi Beginner) (Applied S1 Multimedia Engineering Technology)

– Aisyah Mujahidah R (Kyorugi Beginner) (S1 Communication Science)

– Hendri Nurizal (Poomse Beginner) (S1 Communication Science)

Silver medal

– Nadela Salsabila (Kyorugi Beginner) (D3 in Computer Engineering)

– Abdul Hafiez Suherman (Poomse) (S1 Telecommunication Engineering)

Bronze Medal

– Andre Definpramasya (Kyorugi Beginner) (S1 Product Design)

– Ariija Illona R (Kyorugi Beginner) (S1 Fashion & Textile Craft)

– Reza Nur Afdilla (Kyorugi Beginner) (S1 Electrical Engineering)

– M. Daffa Aldira (Kyorugi Achievement) (S1 MBTI)

– Fathir Akmal (Kyorugi Beginner) (S1 Physics Engineering)

Ravika Oktaviani who won the gold medal in Beginner’s Kyorugi category expressed her hope that this competition could bring good name to Telkom University and UKM Taekwondo Telkom University could become an outstanding UKM.

“I hope that someday one of Telkom University taekwondo athletes can represent Indonesia in international level championship,” she said.

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