09 Oct 2015

Voicing ‘Anti-Corruption’ Through Creative Work

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Indonesia clean from the corruption of the ideals we all. The issue of corruption is not only decorate the officials only. Quite often we meet, the practice of corruption is close to daily life.

“Young people have the energy to fix this nation from corruption. Young people can speak and express the spirit of ‘anti-corruption’ through works of art, “said Handoko, Functional Directorate of Education and Human Services Commission at Smart Steps to Prevent Corruption Seminar, Tuesday (22/9).

According to Handoko, artists usually have creative ways to deliver the message. Can through music, movies, memes, painting and design. To that end the Commission also held a contest short film-making that can be followed by students. In this competition the students were challenged to create an anti-corruption themed film.

Smart Steps to Prevent Corruption Seminar together the Commission took place in the gallery floor Nikken 1. In addition to friendly and Fiki seminar speakers SPAK Coordinator Bandung Dwi Retnastuti and Functional Relations Commission Zulkarnain Meinardy.

In line with the friendly, Satari Fiki said that in Bandung many creative young people. “Not one that many young children innovation created to solve social problems,” he said.

He added, Bandung as a creative city to be honest in the work. Particularly in the creation of products and services in creativity, creator must be able to uphold transparency and fairness in the work.

“Corruption is not just talking about money or transaction. In the creation of products and services are not deductible in terms of quality, “he said. (purel / risca)

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