Welcome to Telkom University The New Lecturers and Employees

02 16 dosen dan pegawai baru telu

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Stepping on 2021, Telkom University welcomes a new family consisting of Lecturers and Academic Support Personnel (TPA), where the welcoming ceremony for Lecturers and TPA takes place online through ZOOM, on Tuesday (16/2).

In the recruitment that took place at the end of 2020, the number of applicants who entered Telkom University reached 160 applicants for lecturers and 122 for TPA applicants.

Vice-Rector II for Resources Telkom University, Dr. Rina D Pasaribu said that from hundreds of applicants, 15 new staff were obtained for lecturers who had doctoral education and 33 new staff for TPA.

“To all Telkom University’s new families, welcome to the number one Private Higher Education in Indonesia, hopefully with the presence of this new family, it can make Telkom University even better in the future, and let’s together create a golden generation for Indonesia to advance in the future. ” She said.

In this event, the Rector of Telkom University Prof. Adiwijaya was also present to welcome the new Telkom University family, in his speech the Chancellor advised that in pursuing a career in education, what must be done besides teaching skills, a lecturer must be able to inspire and build good morals for his students.

“We as lecturers and educators must be able to provide good examples for our students. Teaching is indeed the main task, but giving good habits to students will turn them into a well-educated society later.” He explained.

To create a well-educated society, Prof. Adiwijaya added that a lecturer or TPA must be a role model for students, where a lecturer or TPA must be adaptive to think creatively and continue to innovate.

“Furthermore, we must continue to make improvements for ourselves, continue to improve our existing abilities, and finally give an example to adhere to the existing regulations in the environment where we are, by doing this and providing good examples for our students. then in the future, we will be able to produce a well-educated generation and be able to bring Indonesia to become a better country. ” He said.

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