12 Dec 2013

Who is the Next TES Tel-U Student Executive Board President and Vice President?

BANDUNG-TEL-U- Telkom Engineering School students joined the election of Student Executive Board President and Vice President 2014 to take over the period of BEM IT Telkom 2013.

  There are two candidates of president as well as vice president. The first candidate partner is Nugroho Ibnu as Candidate of President and Reza Aldiansyah as Candidate of Vice President. In the second partner there here Angga Hidayah Ramadhan as the Candidate of President and Fathimah Muthi as the Candidate of Vice President. They should represent students’ expectation and hope for the better future.

  “I hope that the voted president and vice president can support us specifically in supporting and guiding regional community in its existence” stated by Rizki Wiratama, student of Computer System 2013.

  The election is held in three days, December 9th – 11th, 2013, located in Posko Pemilu Raya in the front of C Building TES Tel-U. KOMPRO TEL-U/ Risca

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