30 Nov 2015

Won The Hackathon Merdeka 2.0, Tel-U Student Ready for the Grand Final in Jakarta

BANDUNG, TEL-U – After successfully won several titles at national and international level, four students Telkom University (Tel-U) had won the first prize at the Merdeka 2.0 Hackathon event that was held at the moment of the Youth Pledge Day, Wednesday (28/10 ). They are Nanda Budi Prayuga, David Mustafa, and Good Cahyono (S1 Informatics, Faculty of Informatics, Force 2013) and Reza Stailone A (D3 Informatics Engineering, Faculty of Applied Imu Force 2014).

Competition on the theme “Population Data Problem” was held in 28 cities in Indonesia. The winners from each city will fight back at the national level on 14-15 November 2015 in Jakarta.

In this competition, they join a team Programming Club were able to create two programs in a short time, which is “Soulmate (Solution People Through Mobile Apps Technology)” that goes up to the stage 10 and the application “Mobile IHC” that bring them into champions of the to represent the city of Bandung.

Mobile IHC was inspired by the cause of high mortality in Indonesia which was caused by poor nutrition. “Well, after we find out through conversation with the doctor at Padjadjaran University, was one of the reasons why malnutrition is a cause of infant mortality in Indonesia, because of the slow pace of government assistance. K napa could happen to delays in treatment? Apparently because the government did not have any data about which areas are suffering from severe malnutrition. Well could have been from the absence of this data, makes the government so mishandled, “said David.

During the manufacturing process, they learn discipline and manage time well, considering the time given the organizers very short. “In the Hackathon event we work on the application of the full 1×24 hours daily on the spot. The next morning we live pitching, so we siasatin there should be one person whose energy is still full, “said Good.

For them, the constraints in the manufacture of these two programs is to equate vision and mission, make an idea, a very short time, and team work. “The vision the mission of the applications that we make must tuh seide, we want to solve a problem, where our application will not just focus for a victory, but that can be useful for the community,” said Nanda.

Team Achievement of Programming Club is inseparable from the experience and sharing with the faculty of Informatics telu which apply the principle that his knowledge not only to make money, but there is contribution to social activities. “So, not because there is competition and we make the application, but make applications that can solve the problems of society and there happens to be a race, so be it diikutin wrote. We regard this as a field of charity, “said Reza.

For them, in today’s technological era, the data is everything. With the existing data, decisions will be easier. (purel / Nisa)

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