05 Dec 2013

Workshop upon the social media’s role for association of producing agricultural produces and vegetables of Bandung Regency

BANDUNG TEL-U– Industrial engineering Department of Telkom University (Tel-U) and services of agriculture,  plantation, silviculture of  Bandung Regency held cooperation to run the program of community service involving association of producing agricultural produces and vegetables of Bandung Regency. The activity was workshop upon the social media’s role for communication and marketing. The workshop was held in Learning Center building and Training room of Industrial engineering of Tel-U.on 11 & 12 November 2013. It presented many speakers: Ferdian, ST, MT, Andika Bayu, ST, MT, Ina Yulanti, SH, MKN, and student team.

  The participants of workshop in the first day were the doers of UKM from Association of Producing Agriculture Produces. There were 33 participants attending the workshop; they were very enthusiastic. It seemed from many audiences who asked to be guided by assistants and student group of Electronic Commerce Internet Application Research. They asked to repeat the materials that have been stated and developed suitable with daily needs in the field. Even, one of them asked to have private course.

  The second day was also excited. 30 participants including farmers and vegetable owners attended the workshop which was started from 9 a.m until 5 p.m. but it could be closed at 5.30 p.m, because many participants who wanted to ask about the materials. The participants not only learnt and practiced using social media for communicating and marketing in business but also got knowledge enrichment about AD/ART for association legality.

  According to head of horticulture division of agriculture, plantation and silviculture department of Bandung Regency, Irma Winarni, ST, MT, stated that this synergy program must be often conducted in order to get transferring knowledge between practitioner and academician so that it could give benefits for each other. She added that this synergy program has been listed on her programs in 2014. In line with Irma, the PIC of the program, Farda Hasun from industrial engineering department hoped that this community service could be conducted integratedly in order to give a good impact for the community. Not only that, after this workshop, she will hold one controlling (or assisting) program and other trainings regarding to the participants’ need which has been identified from questionnaire spread by Dr. Yati Rohayati and her team.

  There were interesting words stated by one of the participants, namely Dadang from Abofar:  “As farmers, we must want  to study technology. It is very helpful like application which was made by the students who did KKN in my place. Technology must be learnt though it is hard. Like HP, day by day it becomes familiar”.– TES TEL-U

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