04 Jun 2014

YPT-YSPT Transformed into Telkom Foundation

BANDUNG, TEL-U – To further optimize the network towards various agencies and stakeholders, Yayasan Pendidikan Telkom (YPT) and Yayasan Sandhykara Putra Telkom (YSPT) has now officially changed its name to the Telkom Foundation. “This change is expected to further accelerate our performance in developing society, particularly in education,” said Chairman of Telkom Foundation Johni Girsang M.Sc. in a press conference at Telkom University Campus , Jalan Terusan Buah Batu , Dayeuhkolot , Bandung regency , on Tuesday ( 5/20 ) .

The changed name is tinged with social activities for the provision of compensation to 340 orphans from 34 orphanages. A day later, the YPT – YSPT changed name was officially launched in the Grand Launching Telkom Foundation , held at Telkom University Convention Hall . According to Johni , number 34 is adjusted for current age of YPT. As for the date of May 20 chosen in conjunction with Hari Kebangkitan Nasional (National Resurrection Day). At donation ceremony to the orphans. Some figures attended, such as Bandung Regent Naser Dada , Chairman of the YPT Trustees Utoyo Indra , Rector of the Telkom University Mohamad Ashari, and Chairman of the Telkom Retiredment Association Setyanto.

To further confirm its new identity, Telkom Foundation also introduced a new logo and tagline “Building The Civilization” . According to Johni , the tagline describes the Telkom Foundation’s determination to build a civilization with individual characteristics which are smart and tough , which is beneficial to the community and society .

Meanwhile, Rector of Telkom University , Prof. Ir Mohamad Ashari M.Eng , Ph.D said the challenges facing the YPT – YSPT increasing severely. That becomes the reason why it need better quality management as well as the greater capacity that is no longer enough to be in the shade of YPT – YSPT . “Formidable synergy coupled with the need to support the improvement of the quality of education of the nation, making YPT – YSPT would have to be transformed into new spirit. Because of that , after passing 34 years of devotion to education in Indonesia , it becomes obvious for YPT – YSPT to transform into Telkom Foundation,” he said . (purel / raf)

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