30 Nov 2018

Leader’s Talk: Tips to Build a Start-up from VP Engineering of Tokopedia, Herman Widjaja

Bandung – The leader’s talk stage was once again held, this time Telkom University was visited by a special guest who was a former employee of Google and Amazon, with a lot of interesting experiences to help students build their first start-up company.

He is Tokopedia’s VP Engineering, Herman Widjaja. He was present to greet Telkom University students on Tuesday (11/27) in the Auditorium of Applied Sciences Faculty (FIT). He discussed a current hot topic in the millenial era, namely the Start Up Company.

Herman, shared four tips in building a start-up company. This was obtained from years of experience working in technology industry. “

“First is how you have to focus on consumers, you need to understand your target market demographic. Products or services that are good, but the target market is not suitable, it’s hard to sell,” he said.

Second, start-up entrepreneurs are required to continue to grow. The method is to challenge yourself continuously, never feel satisfied with an achievement. Continuous innovation, makes the company survive in the midst of obstacles.

Third is to carry out what was planned. “A good concept without realization is useless,” Herman said. Every start up should never hesitate to release a product because it feels different from the current market, you might be a market creator.

Fourth is to make a good ecosystem. To help grow the quality of the people around us, is to start from ourselves. The environment will see and judge us, most likely will follow our steps too. Leadership is formed.

Closing this event, Herman hopes that Telkom University students can work in digital industry. “We may work with people with different educational backgrounds, as long as the vision is the same, we can build a strong team and a strong company”