12 May 2020

Alumni contributions against COVID-19

BANDUNG, Telkom University – still in the atmosphere of Ramadan, stepping on the 19th day of Ramadan, Telkom University together with the Forum Alumni of Telkom University (FAST) continue to run Ramadhan Sharing alumni program, this time the Alumni D3 Informatics Force 2016, M Alghozi, will share his experience as Founder and Product Leader at Fightcovid19.id.

The event that took place on Tuesday (12/5) can be watched live on Youtube Channel Telkom University and meeting ZOOM application.

Alghozi, also part of the National task Force handling the COVID-19, explained how he joined the team, through the ambitions that existed, as a form of national contribution to Alghozi with his team successfully creating a mobile application for the handling of COVID-19.

“Through this app, we want to break the specialty COVID-19 chain in the region, and this app covers everything from COVID-19 spreads to online queues to meet with the doctor and looking for a COVID-19 hospital handling.” He said.

With a strong ambition, Alghozi also told the reason why this application should be implemented nationally, it is based on the leadership of all regions in Indonesia, especially the eastern part of Indonesia, which is minimal facilities.

“The initial Target we want to recover the tourism sector in Indonesia, because we know Indonesia with a very good tourism, then sector industry and we also want to touch Eastern Indonesia, because the number of deaths because DBD only high there, what if the COVID-19 later?.” He said.

Experienced as a student who requires college sambal work, Alghozi message to students Telkom University, continue to struggle during the education, caring for friends.

“Help your friends who may also work while working, do not waste your college, if it has already been in college, Yaa continue, focus Jalanai seriously.” He said.

The Fight COVID-19 app can be downloaded via the official website https://fightcovid19.id/

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