14 May 2020

Becoming a beneficial Millenial & impact

Zoom – The Center of Learning & Open Education (CeLOE) Telkom University on Thursday (14/5) held the 6th High School Webinar Series episode. In this 6th episode of the webinar series it raises the title of “Raising the title Being Impactful Millenial” by the Faculty of Industry engineering lecturer (FRI), namely Asti Amalia Nur Fajrillah, B.M.M., M.Sc., TOGAF. He is one of the lecturers who received TOGAF 9 Certification, & TOGAF 9 Certified Level.

At the beginning of the webinar, Asti first explained about the characteristics of a generation Z (millennials) born in 1995-2010. This generation is fluent in digital communication (Internet), especially in search of information through internet media as a source of science. Then how can Gen-Z make a positive impact with the characteristics that have been?

“Gen-Z also has certain traits, namely love freedom; Happy to follow online communities; Discussing and accepting differences; and self learners (able to find and learn something individually) “said Asti.

To begin being an individual who has a positive impact on the environment, Asti explains that to be able to train themselves as early as possible, including mindset, habits and words.

“In detail, friends can begin to enrich themselves with the science. Secondly, to remain able to focus and be consistent towards the objectives. Continue to develop self-ability. Always build wider networking again. Be a fun person & safe for others “obviously Asti.

The four things above become the essence of the webinar series this time, hopefully millennials can complete the above tips so that they become a superior person and have a positive impact on many groups.

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