04 Jun 2020

Covid-19 Prevention Education and Socialization from Telkom University

The increasing transmission of the COVID 19 virus in Indonesia, especially in the Bandung area, West Java Province, indicates the potential for transmission to continue.

Encouraged by this, the Industrial Engineering Study Program, School of Industrial Engineering, Telkom University Bandung assessed the need for the efforts of various parties to contribute to educate and socialize.

The public needs to get an education about how to prevent coronavirus transmission. Telkom University then organized educational activities to the community in Cangkuang Village, Dayeuhkolot District, Bandung Regency, and West Java.

The Chairman of the Community Service Team at the School of Industrial Engineering, Telkom University Bandung, Fransiskus Tatas Dwi Atmadji said, “following the health protocol we still adhere to the government’s call by continuing to wear masks, keep our distance and not collect large amounts of mass.”

“So that this socialization was only attended by representatives of village officials, representatives of residents from the 4 existing hamlet heads and Chairmen and Representatives of the Cibarayut Baraya Shoe Craftsmen Association,” said Tatas.

Community service about education in preventing Covid-19 transmission and explanations relating to the implementation of Large Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) through poster media

Source: kompas.com

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