How is Life as a Student in the D3 Marketing Management Study Program?

D3 Marketing Management Study Program is a study program that runs vocational education in the field of Marketing Management. The students in this study program are equipped with various types of knowledge, expertise and abilities that will shape their competencies in the field of Marketing Management, such as Product Development Strategies, Pricing Techniques, Determination of Product Distribution, Marketing Communication Techniques, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, and Customer service. In addition, there are supporting courses that can improve the competency and competitiveness of graduates, namely: ICT Literacy, English, Office Applications, Graphic Design, and Entrepreneurship.

Compared to other similar study programs, aspects of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are the main characteristics of this study program. Therefore, students will also get various studies on the use of ICT in the field of Marketing Management.

Globalization has encouraged several companies to market outside their home countries. International marketing is part of the marketing strategy of these companies. This study program was founded on the high industry demand for professional management graduates with high integrity professionals. Vocational education itself implies that the education held is directed at the mastery and development of expertise that can be applied directly in the world of work, so graduates of study programs are expected to be easily absorbed by the industry.

As a vocational education major campus vocational study program has increased the academic atmosphere of students by being more conductive and encouraging students to conduct seminars, workshops and applied research in the field of marketing. The campus especially study programs always support students with soft skills and more competencies such as foreign languages (mandarin and English), applied marketing research, negotiation and interpersonal skills, selling skills and entrepreneurshipWhat courses are taken at the Marketing Management study programIn order to support the creation of innovative works in marketing development related to the professional world, there are a number of compulsory subjects that students must undertake in their lectures. Namely: Digital Marketing, ICT Literacy, Operations Management, Service Marketing, and Accounting.

Career Opportunities
Being an understanding person in the field of Marketing and the process of marketing management consists of analyzing market opportunities, research, and selection of target markets, developing market strategies, planning marketing tactics, and implementing and controlling marketing efforts. The job includes the things of a marketing person who has the ability in terms of:

  1. Research and Select Target Markets
  2. Marketing Strategy Planning
  3. Planning a Marketing Program4. Organizing, Implementing and Controlling the Marketing Business