20 Nov 2019

Digital Media Talk, Inspirational Talk with Medcom.id

Bandung, Telkom University – Medcom.id in collaboration with Telkom University organized a seminar titled Digital Media Talk on Wednesday (11/20) which took place in the Hall of the Faculty of Communication and Business. Hundreds of students were very enthusiastic to participate in this activity, seen since the gate was opened the queue had already elongated lt. 5 This Tel-U Intata Building.
In this event, four speakers would give inspirational talk shows, including Media Group News CEO Mohammad Mirdal Akib, MetroTV HR Manager Ismu Wardhani, Editor in Chief Medcom.id Budiyanto.

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Dr. Dadan Rahadian, as the keynote speaker, revealed that almost every sector is inseparable from technological disruption. We need to change quickly to deal with it, by studying digital literacy, media and multimodal.

“We are aware that technological disruption is also reaching the education sector. Therefore we need to change and go with the flow of technology as quickly as possible. That many foreign campuses have adopted the distance learning method, a process where lecturers and students do not meet in person but there is still an interaction between the two.

“According to Mohammad Mirdal Akib, who is the CEO of Media Group News, every individual’s planning needs to be mapped in the next 10 to 20 years. After knowing what the purpose is, then the students and the students determine what the pathway is like. Want to be a journalist or broadcaster? I think Tel-U’s infrastructure is qualified.

“I only advise all colleagues, to be able to better utilize the infrastructure provided by the campus or parents. All you have to do is click, you can read the journal from the expert directly and in real-time. Supporting facilities like that should be able to help you become a superior person, “explained Mirdal.

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