Dwi S Purnomo: Always Give The Best Service

09 28 Dwi S Purnomo Harus Selalu Berikan Layanan Terbaik

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Providing the best service is indeed not an easy thing, but if it is used and becomes a daily culture, then doing the service process will be a piece of cake.

This was conveyed by the Chairman of the Telkom Education Foundation (YPT), Dr. Dwi S Purnomo, as a speaker at the Calendar of Culture Action (CoCA) 2020 YPT September 2020 edition, with the theme “Connecting your heart through the best services” which took place online through Zoom, on Monday (28/9).

On this occasion, Dwi also said that, at the end of his current tenure, he continued to remind all educational institutions under the YPT Group and all business sectors, to provide the best service to customers.

“We (YPT) are an educational foundation where we have to provide excellent service through the world of education, at this time I would like to thank Telkom University which has become an anchor for educational institutions under the YPT Group and also brings a good name.

Dwi added that in this event he also wanted to say goodbye to all Telkom University academicians, in which Tel-U has grown to become the best university, not only in Indonesia but also recognized by the world as the 10 best universities.

“God willing, this month is entering the final days of my position at YPT. During my retirement, I would like to thank all Tel-U academics who have contributed their best to create the nation’s genius, my message to the entire YPT group, to continue. provide the best service for all our customers. “He said.

In an event to improve the culture at Telkom University, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FTE) Dr. Bambang Setia Nugroho as the person in charge at CoCa this September explained that this program was held to activate the Tel-U core, namely Harmony, Excellence, and Integrity.

“This September, the person in charge of CoCa is FTE, the School of Communication and Business (FKB). The Directorate of Student Affairs and the Directorate of Admissions, according to the title, we want to invite all academicians to unite our hearts together to improve the best service to stakeholders.

At this event, the Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation, and Collaboration, Dr. Rina Pudji Astuti was also present as a speaker, with the theme “increasing research and innovation contributions to Indonesia as a form of Telkom University’s best service”.


Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya in his speech said that culture in an institution is likened to fuel from a vehicle, where through a good culture an institution can move forward optimally.

In the retirement period, Dr. Dwi S Purnono, Chancellor of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya also expressed his gratitude for helping Telkom University a lot, so that Tel-U can grow into the best university in Indonesia and be recognized worldwide.

“Thank you to Pak Dwi who continues to provide support to Tel-U and all academicians up to now. For me, according to his acronym, DSP means Discipline, Loyal and Loving.” He said.