02 May 2020

FAST Ramadhan Sharing with Chief of Jakarta Smart City

ZOOM – Telkom University Alumni Forum (FAST) held a talk show entitled FAST Ramadhan Sharing which coincided with National Education Day (Hardiknas) on Saturday (2/5) through the video conference platform application, Zoom.

The speaker who invited to the FAST Ramadhan Sharing was Yudhistira Nugraha, D. Phil who currently serves as Chief of Jakarta Smart City, also an alumnus of Electrical Engineering class of 1999 Telkom University.

And this event was moderatored by Dinda Amanda Zuliestiana, SE ., MM. , a lecturer at Telkom University.

The theme of the FAST Ramadhan Sharing this time is Study Journey, Career, & Smart City Jakarta. Yudhistira Nugraha shared his first study journey at Telkom University, formerly known as STT Telkom until now he leads management in Jakarta Smart City.

Yudhistira Nugraha, D. Phil revealed the organization’s journey and activities during his lecture at Tel-U. Yudhistira’s career can be seen in the picture below:

The city of Jakarta needs to be innovative, because according to him, Jakarta is a massive city. Referring to the tagline Jakarta, Advance of the City, Happy for its Citizens (Maju Kotanya Bahagia Warganya, red) the implementation of a smart city in Jakarta must be able to improve the economy, quality of life, and positive environmental impacts.

He also explained the steps taken by Jakarta Smart City in dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak, because many ODP and PDP patients were dishonest from where they traveled, Yudhistira and the team tracked using cellphone numbers so that they knew where the patient was and where before positive Covid-19.

According to him, the concept of Jakarta Smart City can continue to develop, especially if there is strong collaboration between the community and the government to continue to work together to improve the concept of smart cities in Jakarta.

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