04 Oct 2021

IAIN Pekalongan Explore the Information Technology Center (PUTI) Telkom University

Bandung, Telkom University – Pekalongan State Islamic Institute (IAIN) visited Telkom University on Thursday (30/09). The purpose of this visit is to follow up on the signing of the cooperation between the two universities after being conducted online.

Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya, warmly welcomes this visit. He said that every MoU implementation needs to be realized.

“It is hoped that this collaboration can be an opportunity for us together, to build things that can provide broad benefits. Not just for us. But it is useful to the broadest extent, for the nation and the state.” he greeted.

According to the Chancellor of Tel-U, the disruption that is currently happening needs to be seen as an opportunity. So that it can motivate us to be able to create innovations and appropriate research.

Some of the Telkom University facilities that are the benchmark goals for IAIN Pekalongan are the Information Technology Center and the Tel-U Open Library. In addition to the two focuses, the IAIN Pekalongan group also conducted a Campus Tour to see various other facilities at Tel-U.

The Chancellor of IAIN Pekalongan, Dr. H. Zaenal Mustakim, also expressed his hope that Tel-U and IAIN can synergize, especially in the development of Information Technology.

“I don’t think it’s wrong if Tel-U is the best to be our benchmark goal. Hopefully, in the future we can provide many more things that Tel-U can give us,” said Zaenal.

Zaenal also revealed that studying IT development is a priority for IAIN. Apart from that, IAIN is also interested in studying good university governance, innovation, and Open Libraries.

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