12 Sep 2020

IndonesiaNEXT: Agile Talent in Crisis

ZOOM, 12 September 2020

As the 6th largest cellular company in the world, Telkomsel has transformed into a Digital Telco company. To create superior digital talent, Telkomsel once again held the IndonesiaNext Program in collaboration with Telkom University as the host.
This program aims to improve the professional skills of students in preparation for superior talents. Consisting of 43,519 registrants from 1500 universities who received public lectures, online courses, training, and certifications that focus on abilities in the field of technology and 32 finalists were selected to become IndonesiaNEXT 2019.
The highlight of this program was held online through Zoom and broadcast lives on the Max Stream application and the YouTube channel IndonesiaNext Saturday (12/09). At the peak event, Telkomsel and Telkom University held a Talk Show by presenting inspirational speakers including Setyanto Hantoro as President Director of Telkomsel, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya as the Rector of Telkom University, Dr. Eng. Khoirul Anwar, S.T., M.Eng. as the Indonesian Scientist, Inventor of 4G LTE, Leonardus Wahyu Wasono as Director of Finance Telkomsel, R. Muharam Perbawamukti as Director of HCM Telkomsel and Putri Indahsari Tanjung as Young Entrepreneur.
At the Talk Show this time, Setyanto Hantoro shared his experiences and shared his journey to becoming CEO of Telkomsel. He said that as a young generation, we must be able to make the most of our abilities and potentials so that they can be of benefit to others.
“As a young generation too, we should not only focus on academic abilities but also pay attention to interpersonal skills and do not give up on any existing challenges. Don’t forget to ask for blessings from your parents, ”he said.
With this IndonesiaNext program, it is hoped that it will be able to create superior talents, not only academically but also interpersonal skills. In facing the crisis during the current pandemic, we must be able to change our mindset to be more creative, agile, and not be afraid of making mistakes. Many things change and are unpredictable, so we must be able to adapt to circumstances. Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya as the Chancellor of Telkom University said that curriculum delivery to students must be made more digital so that it can be more relevant in current conditions.
“In terms of curriculum, the relationship is with the competencies that will be achieved later by each student. With the current pandemic, it’s not just content, but how to convey the material itself. The delivery itself is following the Ministry of Education and Culture’s direction that we are currently running an Independent Campus, and the IndonesiaNext program can support the Ministry of Education and Culture’s program, “he said.

Telkomsel also provides support to Telkom University in the form of IndonesiaNEXT Certification CSR Program Assistance for 40 Telkom University lecturers to advance the world of education in preparing national cadres in the telecommunications industry. This assistance was symbolically handed over by Leonardus Wahyu Wasono as Director of Finance Telkomsel and received directly by the Rector of Telkom University Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya.
This event was continued with the Crowning Event of 32 IndonesiaNEXT finalists. Roy Krisn from Telkom University was chosen as the Ambassador of Telkomsel IndonesiaNext and Ahmad Ryan Nur Rahman from the University of Lambung Mangkurat Banjarmasin as Best of The Best Talent Telkomsel IndonesiaNext.
As a token of appreciation, in this program, Telkomsel provides educational assistance worth Rp. 1,000,000,000 to 32 IndonesiaNext 2019 finalists. It is hoped that the assistance provided can be useful and encourage superior talents to contribute and be ready to bring Indonesia forward.

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